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Alta Badia Shop & Rental

La tua passione sulla neve

Il tuo noleggio sci e snowboard

a San Cassiano e La Villa in Badia.

Noleggia i tuoi sci online!

Tanti modelli delle migliori marche

Sci, snowboard e scarponi
sempre perfettamente preparati

Online ski rental 10% discount
 in San Cassiano
 in La Villa

Ski rentals in San Cassiano and La villa, Alta Badia

Your highly qualified ski, snowboard, sledge and equipment rental



Alta Badia Shop & Rental is a key reference point for all those who are looking for perfectly prepared skis and snowboards as well as high quality standard equipment all brought to you with very accurate and professional service.


In our ski rental shop in San Cassiano and ski rental shop in La Villa you will always be afforded a friendly welcome by our team, who offer highly competent advice to help you choose the skis, snowboard or boots that best suit your needs, thus granting you a holiday of pure pleasure on the snow.


The ski rental in San Cassiano is just a few steps away from the Piz Sorega cable car that in a matter of minutes takes you to the very heart of the Alta Badia ski area. At the village’s centre, the easy to reach ski rental in La Villa is located less than twenty metres from the breath-taking slope called Gardenaccia, and near the famous Gran Risa, the champions’ slope.



Rent your skis online in an instant

Don’t waste any time, enjoy every minute of your holiday in Alta Badia


Comfortable, easy, quick. Use our online ski rental and book skis, snowboard, boots, helmets, snowshoes as well as a great choice of equipment for your fun escapades on the snow! Choose the right type of skis for your needs, be that the basic starter or high-end range, from Freestyle to Alpine skis. Upon your arrival in the shop you will find everything ready for you... you will just need to collect and then head directly to the slope!



Enjoy the most beautiful slopes

in Alta Badia

With the quality items found

in the Alta Badia Shop & Rental


In our ski sales and rental shop in San Cassiano and La Villa you will always find the most up to date trends, brands and cutting edge technology for the preparation and maintenance of your skis, snowboard and boots.



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